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Ministry of Arts and Culture


  Latest Communiqué

 (Closing date:  Tuesday 06 March 2018 at 13.30 hours (local time) at latest). ​

Invitation for Proposals through Open Advertised Bidding for Selection of Consultants (for Lump Sum contract)


 (Closing date:  Wednesday 24 January 2018 at 13.30 hours (local time) at latest). 

Bidding documents​


Training Courses

(Closing date for submission of Applications: Friday 08 December 2017)


Draft Copyright (Amendment) Bill - Communique

(Closing date: not later than 3.00 p.m. on 12 April 2017 )

International Travel Grant Scheme - Call for Proposals 2017 

(Closing date: Monday 06 March 2017)


  • Jub​ilé d'Argent de la République de Maurice - Jubilé d'Or de l'Indépendance de Maurice

Relance du Concours de Logo 


​​(​La date limite de soumission des propositions est le mercredi 8 Fevrier 2017 à midi)

 Regional Drama Workshop  (Closing date: Thursday 26 January 2017)


  • International Travel Grant Scheme 
   (Closing date for submission of application: Friday 01 July 2016)


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