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Ministry of Arts and Culture
Ministry of Arts and Culture>National Spring Festival 2017

National Spring Festival 2017

In the context of the National Spring Festival 2017, the Henan Arts Troupe from the People’s Republic of China will give 3 performances as follows:
(i)           Friday 27 January as from 17 45 hrs – Port Louis Waterfront;
(ii)          Saturday 28 January as from 19 30 hrs – J & J Auditorium; and
(iii)         Monday 30 January as from 19 30 hrs – MGI Auditorium.
Henan is a province of the People's Republic of China, located in the central part of the country.  Although the name of the province means "south of the river", approximately a quarter of the province lies north of the Yellow River, also known as the "Huang He".
The repertoire of the Henan troupe comprises, amongst others:
(i)           Song and dance items;
(ii)          Shaolin Martial Arts;
(iii)        Opera; and
(iv)         Acrobatics.
Luoyang Normal University Dance Troupe.jpg
Luoyang Normal University Dance Troupe

Shaolin Monks Troupe