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About the Department 


​The National Archives houses the collective memory of the nation’s history.  It has in its store, an array of rich and diverse records which are of significant interest to one and all.  These records are invaluable for historical, genealogical, cultural, administrative and legal purposes, among others.  As a Government Department, the National Archives serves as the nation’s repository of public records.  It sees to it that an efficient and economical management of the records of the Government of Mauritius throughout their lifecycle is carried out.  It also caters for the preservation of those public records of archival value for current and future use by the Government, citizens of Mauritius and international users. 


​The mission of the National Archives is to provide the nation with a National Archives which fulfills its historical and cultural roles, i.e to collect, preserve, make accessible the collective memory of the nation, for the benefit of the present and the future generations, for research and exploitation purposes. 


The vision of the National Archives is to meet the challenge​s of the 21st century, both as preserver and provider of information, in line with modern concepts and technologies.


Its objectives are to:-

  •  preserve the collective memory of the nation;
  •  promote an awareness of this collective memory for the purpose of research;
  •  produce and publish documentary materials for educational purposes and for the public at large;
  •  ​release after a given period official records for public research; and
  •  provide effective and efficient services to its users. 

Its current holdings include:-  

1. Records of the French Administration: 1721- 1810. 

2. Records of the British Administration: From 1810 – onwards. 

3. Notarial Deeds as from 1724. 

4. Copies of maps and plans from 1502 onwards. 

5. Specimen of every issue of postage stamps and currencies. 

6. Minutes of proceedings from Municipalities and District Councils. 

7. Special collection materials including lithographs, photographs and seals. 

8. A collection of rare books and private papers.

  Users of the National Archives

Users of the National Archives are:

  • Members of public who wish to know about the history of our country; 
  • Students from secondary and tertiary education sector of Mauritius doing research projects;
  • Local and international scholars;
  • Government officials of various Ministries and Departments seeking information of an administrative and legal nature; 
  • Tourists looking for family related information; 
  • Historians who wish to write on various aspects which have marked the history of our country;​ 
  • ​Individuals and genealogists who try to build-up their family tree; and 
  • ​Cultural organizations and NGO’s who are looking for information related to their respective objectives.

Services offered by Archives Department

 The National Archives not only preserves historical materials but also makes them available for consultation. Easy access and reference services are provided to the users. Anyone with a research interest has access to the National Archives collections (except for records where special authorization is needed, for example private papers)
 These services include:- 

A Research Unit has been established at the National Archives under Section 33 of the National Archives Act No. 22 of 1999 with a view to do research in the public archives, to publish works of historical interest and to provide background information for exhibitions and celebration of important events. 


The National Archives lends records in cases where the Minister gives his approval for display at commemorative exhibitions or any other special occasion. 

Reprographic services           

The National Archives also offers reprographic services to its users. 

The National Archives Research And Publication Fund 

The National Archives Research and Publication Fund has been established under PART IV of the National Archives Act No. 22 of 1999. It has been set-up with a view to:-

          -   Promote and ​ encourage research in the public archives; 

         -    Finance the publication of such research work of archival value produced by the
      Research Unit of the National Archives Department;

         -   To consider the publication of manuscripts of private individuals who have made
      extensive research in the public archives; and

         -    To put on sale any such work published.

  • Other additional services

1.    Power supply connection for PCs; 

2.  Research services to local people and foreigners who are physically unable to  attend the National Archives; 

3. Official research works for Government bodies and departments as well as for parastatal agencies; and 

4.   Provision of ordinary or authenticated copies of documents to users.

For further information please consult the website of the National Archives on the following address:


National Archives Department
Development Bank of Mauritius Complex

(+230) 233-2950
Fax No. (+230) 233-4299
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